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High-Functioning Adult Dyslexics: Deficits and Compensatory Mechanisms

Most adults with a childhood diagnosis of dyslexia continue to experience significant reading and writing difficulties throughout their lives. These can include problems in identifying single words, comprehending written sentences, and spelling words correctly. More...

Reading Development in Elementary School

Literacy is essential in the modern world, both for personal satisfaction and for employment success in a knowledge-based economy. Mastering literacy is one of the most important challenges children face in elementary school. A great deal of research in the last two decades has uncovered a number of the key cognitive and instructional characteristics that contribute to learning to read. More...

Why is rapid naming speed related to reading ability? Contrasting different theoretical accounts

In this project we are contrasting the most prominent theoretical accounts of the RAN-reading relationship (phonological processing, orthographic processing, and speed of processing account). We contrast the prominent theoretical accounts at three levels: (a) in languages varying in orthographic consistency, (b) in children of different ages, and (c) in normal readers and dyslexic university students.


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