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Krystle-Lee Turgeon

PhD Student
Department of Educational Psychology
3-102A Education North
University of Alberta
Edmonton, AB Canada
T6G 2G5


Research & Interests

My main research interests are eye movement research, shared book reading, missing-letter effect, language acquisition, reading development and reading disabilities. My Master’s thesis consists of shared book reading and eye movements of children. We can now find a variety of electronic products that include reading such as books with a CD which doesn’t require the presence of an adult to read the book. There is little research that explores questions related to these new methods of practicing shared book reading. I have looked at the eye movement of children while a CD presented the narration of the books. More specifically, the effect of reading speed on the children’s attention to text with eye movement recordings in a shared book reading task was examined. Eye movement patterns of first and second graders while they were being read storybooks, at either a normal adult reading speed or an artificially slow speed were monitored. Three text difficulty levels were presented to the children. Overall, results revealed that children of both academic levels and levels of text difficulty spent more time looking at print elements at the slowest reading speed. Results also revealed that at the typical adult reading speed, children spent more time on print elements on the easiest book, than on the more difficult books.


Turgeon, K-L. & Roy-Charland, A. (April 2009). La lecture conjointe : les patrons des mouvements oculaires des enfants sont-ils différents lorsque c’est la fée clochette qui lit au lieu de maman? [Shared book reading: Are children’s eye movement patterns different when the text is read by Tinkerbell rather than mom?] Presented at the 17th Journée des sciences et saviors, Sudbury, Ontario. Awarded 3rd place.

Turgeon, K-L., Roy-Charland, A., Beaudry, O. & Saint-Aubin, J. (2010). Taking a look at the effect of reading speed during shared book reading: An eye movement monitoring study. Abstract submitted CSBBCS 20th annual meeting, Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Roy-Charland, A., Baril, V. & Turgeon, K-L. (June 2009). Tell me if you drink and I’ll tell you where you will look: Selective Attention in alcohol consumption. Poster presented at the 70th annual canadian psychology association conference, Montréal, Québec.

Turgeon, K-L. & Roy-Charland, A. (April 2008). La durée de fixation en tant qu’indice de l’attention : examen du modèle de désengagement de l’attention de l’effet de la lettre omise. [Fixation duration as a measure of attention : An examination of the attentional-disengagement model of the missing letter effect.] Presented at the 15th journée des sciences et savoirs, Sudbury, Ontario.

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